Polk State College's Custom Photo Booth

Last week we set up an AWESOME photo booth for Polk State College's club rush week! If you haven't seen it hit up the gallery and check it out!

So you're probably wondering: how did you guys put that together? Well, with sweat and tears of course! All kidding aside, I saw an awesome DIY video by Lovely Indeed and decided that we should put one together ourselves! Here are the items we used:

Chicken Wire - the gang and I went to a local feed store (Lay's Western Wear & Feed) and got three sheets for around $20. Now we have two extra sheets if we need them in the future!

Tissue Paper - My idea was to have a total of five different colors. Polk State's colors are black, red and white. So leaning on the fading ombre idea, I decided we needed red, light red (not pink), white, grey, and black. We went to Hobby Lobby & Party City where we spent about $75 on all the tissue paper. 

Zip Ties - These things were the only way we were going to keep backdrop attached to the stands. We bought small ones for the sides and a bag of thicker zip ties for the cross pole. We spent maybe $8 at Walmart.

Scissors + Wire Cutters - Initially the chicken wire had edges sticking out from being cut from a large spool so we took a pair of wire cutters to smooth it out. We also used the wire cutters for the zip ties when we had to move the whole setup. Scissors were used for cutting the tissue paper into smaller pieces. Both cost us nothing because I found them laying around the house.

Backdrop Support System- We already had a backdrop system from doing various other gigs. I think we got the stands & rods for $50 on Amazon.

Here's a quick video of Jen, Emilio, and I putting together some of the backdrop:

Overall we probably spent somewhere close to six to seven hours putting it together. It took us a huge chunk of time because the chicken wire we used had smaller spacing between holes. But thats okay because we pretty much binge watched the first season of Donald Glover's awesome show, Atlanta. Time well spent because the students and staff LOVED the backdrop and our college themed props! 

Example A:

Written by Mark S.