Luis and Co. Videos

This is like the sexiest smoothie commercial I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait to check it out!
— Carol Shannon
He did the video for the Original Lipstick Players production of RHPS. I am very impressed with his work and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great quality product.
— Lionel Wood

Hi, Emilio Luis Roman here, of Luis&Co Photo, let me start by saying that Hillcrest Coffee is a warm, cosy, and inviting coffee shop off 119 Hillcrest St. in Lakeland Florida. I was paid in coffee, that being said, while shooting this commercial, I had several latte's, and stayed up all night editing and re-editing this footage, so coffee played a major roll in the editing process. I would like to also mention, I did this commercial because I love coffee, small business and expanding the portfolio. That being said, I am very proud to present this commercial to you (the viewer).